If you are a musician or band, or agent representing and wish us to feature your music, here are our guiding principles:

  1. Singles and EPs – at the current time we are unable to review singles and/or EPs. We have a small number of volunteer writers and aim to cover all musical genres, so sadly we have to draw boundaries and so we shall only review albums. This policy is subject to change at some future date. We DO have our own SoundCloud platform which streams pre release tracks until their release date. If you wish to submit a track for our SoundCloud please email an MP3 and cover art (or musician/band photo) noting artist’s name, song title and release date to
  2. Albums – If you’d like us to consider reviewing your album please send via MP3s or using WeTransfer or Dropbox to, including cover art and, if possible a little information about artist and record (including release date). We cannot promise to review but there will be a greater chance of gaining a review if you send your music at least 2 weeks prior to release date.
  3. Gig previews – unless a gig is considered ‘an event’ impossible to ignore, our policy is only to preview with interview or exclusive content (new track or video). Ordinarily we like to preview 8 weeks in advance of the gig but this is not an absolute policy – up to 2 weeks in advance of a gig will be considered. If you want us to preview your gig email details to us at
  4. Gig reviews – we do our best to keep track of what gigs are happening in the North East but occasionally something slips through the net. If you’d like to let us know about your gig and wish to invite us to preview and photograph then email us at
  5. News – we will rarely feature news on NE:MM for the same reason we cannot as yet consider singles and EPs for review. However, we will make exceptions to this general rule, so if you have news to share that you think we cannot possibly ignore, please email and we shall consider.

If you are a writer seeking to have your writing featured on NE:MM, or a photographer or graphic artist wishing to get involved.

  1. We do not solicit submissions and will not include any content without appropriate standard images for web. HOWEVER, if you have written a review or preview and want it to be considered for inclusion on NE:MM then email
  2. Our website at features a Community where you can share your opinions about music news/gossip, music history, current releases, local gigs and gigs elsewhere. All you need to do to use the Community is sign up (FREE) using email and password (supplied).
  3. If you wish to join the NE:MM team let us know. Email letting us know your name, age, place of residency (town or city) and any relevant writing or photo / art experience. A link to any previous ‘work’ would be helpful.

Writers – If you have no prior experience then try out our Community first then once you’ve posted a few times we’ll be able to see if you have what it takes to be a regular contributor to NE:MM

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