Ignite – Think Tank – 10-8-15


I find myself in Think Tank? on a humid Monday night. A great venue, always great sound. Unfortunately; the beer is a little pricey too. But hey ho! Not to let it distract from the evenings entertainment as Leeds punky types The Human Project fire up.

With lightning pace, and the tightness of a Nun’s bits, they blast through an impressive set of early 2000’s Epitaph type Hardcore. Invoking memories of trying to skateboard and wearing backwards flexi fit caps, the Yorkshire men provided a modern take on a nostalgic music. With soaring clean vocals (actual singing) that were still in keeping with the style, reminding this reviewer of The Bouncing Souls, Pennywise, and a bit of Bad Religion minus the choral wallop. Not a beat, note, or key were out, with technical abilities out in plain view, without being too much. No noodling, no nonsense. Just decent US skater punkiness.

Up next were Sunderland’s Alternative Metalists; The NX, playing a home show to finish of their ‘Mosh Ya Dick Off’ tour. With Nods to Deftones, and hints of other, dare I say it, Nu Metal influences from their youth, the lads beasted through a stonking set of full on balls out right in the groove riffs and blasts. With a hefty Hardcore feel; fast, endless amounts of energy and movement, timing changes providing a certain ratio of Math, all topped off by tongue in cheek in-between song craic and James Brown samples.

With the bassist taking it upon himself to sprint around the crowd and leap about like a mad march whippet, trailing infinite hair and beard behind him, and the vocalist having a dance about also off stage, also with infinite amounts of hair and beard. Quote of the gig being “when we started this band we set out to grow beards and play some Rock n’ Roll, and we’re all done with growing beards!” entertainment was rife.

Lastly came the 2nd generation Hungarian Californians; Ignite. Fresh from playing Eurpoe’s biggest, spikiest and loudest Punk festival, Rebellion Blackpool on the Saturday. The US of A-ers got the crowd moving the most. Citing themselves as Hardcore, I must say it was the wettest, safest, un- Hardcore ‘Hardcore’ band I’ve ever witnessed. With the widdly solos and the singers Christina Aguilwhatsherfacer style hand movements, to match whatever warbling note fell out of his mouth. Although ability and playing wise they were good (they do play all over the world to be fair) I was not sold (can you tell?). As an out and out Hardcore Punk fan, these didn’t cut the mustard. I feel I could best describe them as Pop- core, or a 14year old Girls’ MySpace song.

Highlight of the set was when they got ‘Paul’ up to do some Punk Raaaawk Karaoke with them, at which point a large hairy man cajoled “Ya look like a Fucking Sex Offender!” Resulting in a muffled giggle trickling around the quiet room. Excellently timed.

Despite the wet headliners, an entertaining night was had. I even wanted to rake out Tony Hawks’ Pro Skater when I got home…

Photographer – Graeme Baty

Josh Clow

Josh Clow

Expanding musical horizons is a great hobby. Going to gigs, as well as learning different instruments and playing in bands is a great way to do this; currently drumming in Sunderland's purveyors of soul destroying Drone, Neolithic.

I now venture into writing, to further my quest into the realms of aural extremity, and to quell the literary beast within.
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