Devilment – Think Tank Newcastle – 14-12-16


This may be the season of goodwill and peace but a quick search of Christmas films reveals a startling amount of horror related titles. It seems that we can’t get enough horror and so it’s hardly surprising then that Devilment have embarked upon a winter tour!

Local band Black Nevada opens the show with a youthful energy befitting of their years (although the band have been together with various line-ups since 2012). It’s pretty clear that Black Nevada wear their influences on their sleeve sounding very much in the vein of I Divide and You Me At Six – both bands they cite as influences.

The vocal performances from both Singer Jordan and bassist Jonny are solid, and Jordon’s crowd engagement is commendable. Maybe not the best pairing for a band like Devilment, Black Nevada give an energetic performance – so much so that a guitarist even broke a string; definitely a band from the North East to keep an eye on!

Having built up both momentum and a following since the release of their debut EP ‘Under the Shadows”, main touring support She Must Burn are no strangers to the road. Previously touring with the likes of Cradle of Filth and Heart of a Coward it’s safe to say that the band can hold their own when it come to ‘heavy!’

Musically, She must Burn fuse elements of deathcore and symphonic black metal (complete with female backing vocals) into a ferocious sonic assault. Vocalist Joe Sinclair’s onstage persona is somewhere between crazy and a little tongue in cheek! I couldn’t help notice the irony of his crowd interactions sounding rather close to a certain Mr Filth!


For those unfamiliar with the genre, the vocals may come across as indecipherable but that was offset by keyboardist/ vocalist Anninna’s melodic leanings. I will take a moment to give a shout out to the drummer who never missed a beat despite the intensity and complexity of the music.
The crowd seemed to enjoy She Must Burn – even those that got a bit wet when Joe flung his bottle of water!

After what feels like an age, Devilment’s intro plays and one by one the band take the stage; it’s pretty clear who the majority of the crowd are here to see!

It must be difficult to separate Dani Filth from Cradle of Filth but with 2 albums under their belt this is exactly what Devilment seek to do.

Drawing on material from both deput ‘The Great and Secret Show” and current release ‘The Mephisto Waltz’ the band open with the thunderous ‘JudasStein.’

Devilment are more of a no frills affair than Cradle of Filth and this comes across musically and in lack of theatrics. Current single ‘Hitchcock Blonde’ goes down well the crowd – the hook laden chorus is as catchy as the Nora virus that Dani says has plagued the band!

Whilst Dani’s vocals wavered at times (his trademark high shriek coming off a bit more ‘King Diamond’ than usual) his banter between songs was on point as ever.


Tracks like ‘Under the Thunder’ and ‘Even Your Bloodgroup Rejects Me’ are pummelling. Lauren Francis adds further dimension to the sound with some stellar vocals and keys. ‘Mother Kali’ is particularly visceral.

Devilment (as with all the bands who have played tonight) were impressively tight and what’s more both the band and crowd seem to have enjoyed themselves. Dani Filth and co were more than happy to shake hands with adoring fans and a few even got a set list as a souvenir. Looks like we’ll add metal into the festive, horror cocktail!

Photographer – Kev Howard

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