PREVIEW: Deathcrusher – Northumbria University – 28-10-15


Deathcrusher tour is coming to Newcastle. British death metal legends Carcass play with some other big names at Northumbria Uni. Bizarrely I’ve never seen a metal show at the Uni, which is piss poor really, as they regularly host such events. The sound system there should be able to cope with a good old thrashing.

Looking at the lineup, it’s one of those where you have to do a double take. Is this real? Once you decipher the band logos on the poster, it’s one of those wow moments! Possibly theee metal lineup of the year. Not that there’s been anything huge to rave about in 2015. So finally we have something to look forward to!

Carcass headline; bringing their 20 years worth of back catalogue with bludgeoning, yet still melodic riffs. Their name personifies death metal, being one of the original 80s metal boom. They’ve stayed the course, split, reformed and lost members along the way. I have high hopes for them in a live setting. Although I must admit it’s been a long time since I picked up a Carcass album. I’m sure that’ll change and I’ll be welcoming a huge ‘bangover’ the day after the show.

Napalm Death!

This is the deal sealer for me. I’ve never seen Napalm and bloody hell I’m excited. They relesed a new album earlier this year to high praise from fans and critics. They’ve still got it on record but what will they be like live? Only one way to find out


Yes I told you this lineup was insane! Obituary have been grinding ears pulling neck muscles for nearly 30 years. Slow doom metal prototypes and have proven highly influencial with their clever time signatures and brutal melodies. Worth the admission price alone.


Canadian thrash veterans. Their music has never really clicked for me on record, somewhat generic and lacking an ‘edge’ but I have a feeling they’ll be fantastic in a live setting.


First on the bill and a band I’m not familiar with, they must be worth checking out if their on this tour? A little research tells me that this American band have been going for nearly 15 years and are good old school thrash metal! The perks of living in the internet age.

They sound great, so I’ll be down early to catch them. Make sure you do.

All in all it’s a steal at around £3.50 a band, hell yes! Cheaper than a pint in most Newcastle bars these days. See you there \m/

Graeme Baty

Graeme Baty

I'm 34 from Newcastle.

Bald, bearded, rock nerd with a serious photography habit. I can be regularly spotted at gigs around Newcastle; alternative, punk and and bit of metal. I've covered shows, tours and festivals around the UK.

I'm mainly known for my music photography project GJB Performance Photography, which ran from early 2012 to July 2015.

Now photoing for Blank Slate Creative Photography, based in Newcastle. Alongside covering shows for NE:MM.
Graeme Baty

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