PREVIEW: Black Atom Movement – Trillians – 1-10-15


NE:MM have organised a series of gigs, sponsored by PMT Newcastle. We’ve called the gig series RPM after the website section of the same name – RPM signifying rock, punk and metal.

Over the coming weeks we’re profiling each of the ten competing bands.

Black Atom Movement play the first of the gigs, at Trillians, Newcastle on 1st October.

We recently spoke to Aaron Bark, guitarist and vocalist. He left us in no doubt about the reason BAM got involved with the RPM gig series.

“We wanted to play at Trillians. We made this band with the idea of playing real rock venues, and being able to play the kind of hipster indie venues too. Trillians in our eyes is THE rock venue in Newcastle.” He continued, “We just haven’t ever had the chance to play there and as soon as it reopened I emailed them asking for a gig.”

Aaron is one half of BAM, drummer Tommy Smith making up the band. “We met in a practise room through a mutual friend who we formed a previous band with” Aaron recalls. “I played  bass, Tommy drums and our friend Johnny Taylor guitar and vocals. We were called King Midas but Black Atom Movement was formed around February of 2014 and didnt start gigging until September ’14.”

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The region’s live music scene has arguably never been more vibrant and Aaron  thinks that it deserves to be acknowledged on a national scale. “More press. National press. I think the bigger magazines/websites just really need to look into what’s happening in Newcastle and the North East. I think we are being turned a blind eye to.”

Black Atom Movement are part of a 5 band bill on 1st October. 2 of those bands will be chosen to go forward to a final at Trillians on 12th November. A panel of judges will vote but gig goers who pre-purchase a £3 ticket from this site (no fees!) will also get a vote on the night. If you think you might want to lend your support to Black Atom Movement head HERE and secure your right to influence the outcome.

Russell Poad

Russell Poad

I am 50 years old and live in Newcastle.

I started NE:MM as a magazine back in August 2013 and took it online in March 2014. I have always had a passion for music, and a desire to help popularise music of the type I loved. That led me to promote as 'The Outsider' and 'Common People' until recently and who knows, the promoter bug may bite again soon. As I age I find my own tastes developing and so my enthusiasm now extends to classical, jazz/funk and metal, whereas it used to sit squarely in the pop/indie/folk box. I hope it's infectious and through the efforts of the many volunteer contributors to NE:MM I hope it helps you find new music that you can feel passionate about too.
Russell Poad

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