Preview: 65 Days Of Static – Newcastle University – 17-11-16


65 Days Of Static are an instrumental rock band from Sheffield who have been writing and touring extensively since the early 00’s. Their blend of live electronic post-rock music creates amazing soundscapes, transporting fans from the minimalist of ambient sounds through to the heaviest of fuzz-glitch driven rock with ridiculously energetic live shows to boot.

I first stumbled upon 65 Days Of Static in 2005 with a chance viewing of the bands mesmerizing music video for ‘Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here’ on some late night MTV2 program. Still rolling at the time on a limited dial-up internet connection, the only conceivable way to investigate further was to visit Durham’s music institution (better known as the independent music store ‘Concepts’) to pick up a copy of the bands album “One Time For All Time”, from which I became an instant fan.

Fast forward to a further eleven or so Album / EP releases and to over a decades worth of experience, 65 Days Of Static are still recording and still touring, utilizing more experience in the field of mood warping creations and energetic live shows than any other band could imagine; noticeable in the recent appointment via video game developer ‘Hello Games’ founder Sean Murray in selecting the band to compose the music for the 2016 gaming phenomena ‘No Man’s Sky’.

No Man’s Sky is an action adventure game in which players are free to roam alien worlds and environments spread across 18 quintillion* planets (*actual figure stated by developers). It has whipped up a huge frenzy across video game fans and the media due to it sheer size and physical inability for the player to ever complete or to discover everything.

The computer game soundtrack is the impetus behind the bands latest release ‘No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe’ which was released August 5th 2016, with the tracks supporting the visual aspects of the game at key points.

65 Days Of Static tour the albums release by taking in an impressive number of dates and countries, calling into Newcastle University Thursday 17th November 2016.

David Smith

David Smith

Managing Director for Sapien Records Ltd: a record and publishing company designed to help support artists. Bands feature regularly in national press / TV / Radio and have recorded with producers Ross Robinson, Steve Albini and performed at major festivals, headline and support tours.

Business Development for Shapeshifter Films: a video director collective producing music videos for numerous major (and local) artists and businesses.

Brass band trombonist and an alternative folk rock band guitarist.
David Smith

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