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With ‘second album syndrome’ concerns present, there was no rush for Spector to provide the follow up to 2012’s debut ‘Enjoy It Whilst It Lasts’, however the main question was whether the band would pick up from where they left off, or completely transform. They return three years later with their second album : mature, serious and more emotional. The band have changed too, guitarist Christopher Burman left in July 2013 and Fred Macpherson’s hair has grown significantly longer.

In making second album, ‘Moth Boys’, Spector tick off the second album checklist, which includes songs about failed relationships and the tirelessly difficult times on the road. ‘All The Sad Young Men’ is filled with emotion, shown through its ambiguous lyrics tackling the plight of men out of long term relationships. The more uplifting ‘Stay High’ provides a catchy and repetitive drum beat alongside Macpherson’s chorus “Stay High!” in soothing falsettos. Eager to make a strong impression with the band’s loyal fan base, synthesizers are prominent throughout. Used intelligently, they dominate track ‘Believe’, in keeping with the brooding vocals.

Taking influence from their successes, ‘Celestine’, ‘Twenty Nothing’ and ‘Chevy Thunder’ there’s now ‘Decade of Decay’; tactically released as a demo back in August 2013, it bridged the gap between old and new, effectively paving the way into this new sonic territory, which is laden with spacey synths and calypso infused grooves. For fans who adore the simplicity of chanting back the chorus to ‘Never Fade Away’ there’s ‘Don’t Make Me Try’ – “don’t make me try / not in front of them”, which will undoubtedly become an emotionally wrought staple of the band’s set. ‘Kyoto Garden’ sees the album reach its ultimate peak. Lyrically, the album is a giant step forward from the 2012 debut, providing more of a narrative. The accent is on the meaning of the songs, rather than on catchy guitar riffs.

Moth Boys is generally rather despondent in tone, something immediately evident when looking at the track list. How the band articulates this, however, is met with pinpoint accuracy. Amongst all this, the band haven’t forgotten their roots. ‘West End’ is destined to send crowds into frenzy with fans screaming back the lyrics at the top of their voice.

Admittedly, this record doesn’t contain the energy of ‘Enjoy It Whilst It Lasts’ had but isn’t that the point? The four-piece are showing clear signs of change with this raw and relatable effort. The charismatic presence and touching lyrics of Fred Macpherson promises delicate live shows, catapulting Spector’s success higher amongst their loyal fans.

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