Wolf Alice – Northumbria University – 21-9-15


After the amazing success of Wolf Alice’s debut album ‘My Love is Cool’, they have managed to gain a rapidly growing fan base at an impressive rate. Newcastle Uni was filled wall to wall with bodies, all of whom went wild as soon as the band hit the stage. The atmosphere was immediately electric. It was amazing to see how the crowd got themselves involved and fully immersed in the music from the off. But then again, this seems to be the hold that Wolf Alice has on their fans, Ellie Rowsel’s hypnotic voice is enough to get anyone’s attention and her sultry and confident attitude on stage gives a refreshingly new spin to the typical ‘man made’ front woman that the music industry seems to pump out. Ellie’s stage presence is different and refreshing to watch.

It was almost like stepping back in time and listening to underground grunge bands from the 90’s, but saying that this band is far from being shoe-boxed into a single genre. It’s clear to see that their influences are very eclectic, that certainly radiates from their music. They have taken elements of grunge, punk, and folk amongst so many others. This band does and will appeal to so many and I think that is why they are so good to watch.


There was almost a unity formed amongst the crowd, the music bringing them all together; in this day in age of social media and barely having human interaction it was great to feel like you were part of something. A sound that is special. The strong punchy guitars and almost fragile feminine vocals give the ingredients that just work. It was a great idea for Wolf Alice to play their album in full; the fans sang every word to songs like ‘Giant Peach’ and ‘Fluffy’, screaming lyrics back at the band with arms reaching out, all the while being rained on from the sweat dripping off the ceiling.

Looking around the packed out room it is clear that the band don’t just appeal to one age group, young and old all jumped along to the songs together in the small venue; prompting a comment from the bassist, Theo Ellis, about the Newcastle venue being poor for the people stood at the back and around the sides, their view obscured by pillars, exclaiming that “this venue sucks!”


Nearer the end of the set lead singer Ellie Rowsell left her position at the front of the stage to get more personal with the people in the front row, leaning over the barrier singing directly to them. They’ve been around for a while and have played Newcastle on previous occasions but this gig felt like the start of bigger things to come for Wolf Alice.  Hopefully as their stock rises, they’ll not forget to pay the region a visit on their forthcoming tours. I’d wager that all who attended tonight would gladly pay to see Wolf Alice again.

Photographer – Adam Barnsley

Adam Barnsley

Adam Barnsley

Music loving photography graduate who shoots any genre of music. Newcastle based, 26 year old.
Adam Barnsley

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