The Hunna – O2 Academy Newcastle – 1-10-16


It was all going on at Newcastles’ O2 Academy at the weekend and if you missed it, can I just ask what were you playing at?

Liverpools The Night Cafe were first up, they warmed the crowd up nicely for Blaevanon and of course The Hunna. Blaevanon are a band that’s seriously upping their game at the moment. They’re not your average band, I’d say they have a certain quirk and uniqueness about them. Made up of Frank Wright (bass) Harris McMillan (Drums) and Ben Gregory (vocals/guitar) the Hampshire lads were welcomed by a full geordie crowd who simply couldn’t wait for them to get going.


Once Blaevanon began to play, it was clear fans weren’t just there for The Hunna, the crowd sang songs back and made the atmosphere insane and incredibly pumped, this was only the start. Newcastle were privileged to hear Blaevanon’s latest ‘My Bark Is Your Bite’ before releasing physically on Monday October 3rd, and how special it was. With an added beauty of Ben perching on the edge of the stage playing up close and personal with fans, Blaevanon sure put their music in everyone’s head that night. The only thing I would criticise the lads for is, why wasn’t their set as long as Bens hair? If you’re thinking the same, then be sure to catch them when they’re back … soon I hope as they’re playing the US – don’t forget about the North-East guys!

With a Blaevanon leaving the stage and The Hunna’s tech team on stage preparing for the main event, the crowd kept the songs going while singing along to the music coming out the speakers, proving that they weren’t a quiet crowd and were in the right frame of mind for what was definitely going to be a top night!

This was it, we weren’t just seeing The Hunna, but every person that packed the Academy was there to experience a night on the tour that launched the band’s debut album release ‘100’. With a superb entrance in style, in order of Jack, Dan, Ryan and Jermaine, the riffs and brilliance then began.

We’ve seen The Hunna before and they certainly never disappoint, but they really had a lot of expectations to live up to by playing their brand new debut album. Safe to say it went down as well as cake and custard and some sweet, sweet music was smashed out for Newcastle to dance, scream and absolutely buzz over.


Ryan revealed that ‘Piece by Piece’ is set to be the next single from the album that they will release and the fans known as the “H-Squad” in Newcastle are the “lit-est” crowd of the tour yet, does he say that to every city? We don’t care, we were too busy soaking up the atmosphere and electricity of night.

One thing that I don’t think will ever change about The Hunna is that these lads certainly are the most down to earth bands there is and something you share just by being in the same room as them is passion and love for music, it’s infectious from them and it’s something to admire.

There aren’t really any words to describe how class they were, but one thing is for sure they will now go down in the North-East gig history, as they broke the ceiling of the floor beneath them – from the jumping and sound they played that added to many bands before them, but hear it now that it was The Hunna that topped it; could UB40 fans in the academy downstairs even hear UB40?

With highlights of a shed loads of head banging, sweat, smiles, jumping and Ryan completely losing it to the intense rhythm – we saw jumps on the drum kit and even into the crowd, not even the security can contain these lads, they do exactly what they want, when they want, how they want and exactly how the crowd in Newcastle liked it – none stop energy from beginning to end. Could it get any better? – yes. They spent time after the gig meeting every fan – yes lads!


Playing their new album ‘100’ in its entirety, including hits that you may already know ‘Bonfire’ ‘We Could Be’ ‘You + Me’ and crowd favourite ‘She’s Casual’. Now it’s until next time lads, we’re now needy of that album two and the next tour!

Love live rock music? Want an energetic band that don’t only look the part but for sure as anything sound it? Then note this down … The Hunna.

Photographer – Rhiannon Brown

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