Spector – Sound It Out Records Stockton – 25-8-15


It’s an hour before stage time, and there’s already a queue forming outside of Sound It Out Records in Stockton. Having played host to Maximo Park’s Paul Smith (without his Intimations) the evening before, today the world-famous record shop is being paid a visit from Indie-Pop heartthrobs Spector.

To celebrate the release of their second album ‘Moth Boys’ the London quartet have stopped by at record shops up and down the country for intimate shows and signing sessions. This afternoon it was Reflex in Newcastle, now it’s Stockton’s turn.


Although their new material is more cynical in tone than their last release, Spector’s music is still accessible and anthemic, and the crowd that’s gathered today proves it. The synth-based pop and moody vocals are reminiscent of bands that paved the way for music in the Eighties, such as Depeche Mode and Simple Minds. This may explain the unexpected smattering of older faces in the crowd.

Opening with the inimitable ‘Chevy Thunder’ from their first album, the song is still as uplifting in a more intimate setting, and begins the first of many sing-alongs amongst the crowd. After this, a streak of songs from the new album are well received. Despite having only being released for a week, some members of the crowd belt out every word of each song perfectly (guilty as charged). A personal highlight is ‘All The Sad Young Men,’ but each song easily has the qualities needed to be a potential single.


Finishing with the heartwrenching ‘Never Fade Away’ Spector leave the makeshift stage, to sign albums and merch for a welcoming crowd. It’s been 2 years since they last paid a visit to Stockton, and judging by how today’s in-store was received, they’ve been well missed.

Photographer – Russell Poad

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