Shane Filan – Tyne Theatre and Opera House – 14-10-16


Best known for being the front man of one of the UK’s most successful and famous boybands in the last decade, Shane Filan headlined at Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre on Friday night, part of his nationwide tour, and didn’t fail to please the crowd.

With support from Nikki Loy, Shane was welcomed to the stage by applause and screams from his crowd of fans who had been waiting for the Irishman to make an appearance since setting foot in the entrance doors, if not since purchasing their tickets months earlier.

Starting the show with ‘Everything To Me,’ his debut solo single released back in 2013, the crowd sang back his lyrics before he slowed things down with a hit from his boyband past, ‘What About Now’ – a song where everyone is bound to know at least the chorus.

A couple of songs into the set and Shane explains what life on the road is like when touring and brands it “the second best place to being at home”, conveniently before singing ‘Home.’ Smooth.


Teasing the crowd – “if you don’t mind, it’s getting hot up here so I’m just gonna remove my jacket” – when you’re a well-known talent and when in Newcastle, it’s inevitable that as soon as you remove one item of clothing, they’re gonna want more. Cue the crowd chanting “off, off, off!”

Talking to the crowd in between songs to keep the night alive, Shane made reference to Newcastle and it’s love for the weekend night life – “It’s a Friday night, I’m in Newcastle, who’s ready to have some drinks and start dancing?!” inviting the crowd to respond with screams, cheers and raising their drinks in the air, before Shane blasted out the opening line to Walk The Moon’s massive hit ‘Shut Up And Dance.’ The Geordie crowd went crazy!

Leaving the stage for a quick costume change, Shane returned to bring his band closer and slow things down with a few acoustic songs including ‘Can’t Get Over You’ described as “track 8 and one of the final songs wrote for the new album” and Westlife hit ‘Fool Again.’ Not to forget that a fan gave him two Wispa bars to share with the lads on the tour bus and top fan Kat from Belfast giving Shane a pint to rehydrate – she must know what he likes as Shane knows her by name and explained she’d been to more than 70 shows since going solo.


It goes without saying that the fans of all ages were having a great time in presence of the Irish lad, whose family were also present – “My wife and kids are here, the kids came straight here after school, so it’s a special show tonight … the next song is a favourite and if the kids pay close attention they’ll see themselves on the screen behind me” before the opening instrumental of ‘Knee Deep In My Heart’ played.

Continuing to mix up the setlist with his own solo songs and Westlife hits, including the massive charity release ‘Uptown Girl’ and ‘World Of Our Own’, there wasn’t a moment in the set where the crowd were quiet.

Finishing off with ‘You Raise Me Up’, the crowd are always left wanting more. But Shane leaves, followed by his band and the house lights come on for the crowd to collect their belongings and leave the venue, while passing the merch stand on the way out.

Until next time, Shane really did leave the Geordie crowd wanting more, but they definitely got their money’s worth.

Photographer – Rhiannon Brown

Editor’s note – a mix up with photographic access meant that Rhiannon could only shoot using a dial camera from a seated position.Despite not being able to use her professional kit, from stage-side, we’re pleased she managed to get some great pictures, thanks Rhiannon.

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