PREVIEW: From The Jam – The Green Room Darlington – 21-10-15


I am 49 years old and male. It almost follows then that I was and remain a huge fan of The Jam. I saw them play Newcastle City hall in 1980 and owned all of their albums. The day I learned that The Jam were no more was a very dark day indeed and I’ve never completely forgiven Mr. Weller. Sorry, but The Style Council and a somewhat mixed solo career will never be reason enough for me.

I’m not alone in many of these thoughts, and not all who share my views are my age. There’s a strong MOD revival underway, albeit one brought bang up to date by bands such as The Spitfires and The Middens. The latter hail from North Shields and I know that they are completely over the moon to be supporting one of their musical heroes; Bruce Foxton of The Jam heading up the main act.

We caught a few words with The Middens:

“We really are very excited about playing with From The Jam, they’ve been getting some great reactions from fans of The Jam and aren’t just covering material by The Jam but also recording and releasing new stuff as well. We’re really interested to hear tracks from their new album, which was done via pledge music (we think!). They are inspirational from the point of view that they are a very hard working live band as well, not just on stage but the fact that they do an amazing amount of touring. It shows they are not just a flash in the pan out there for the odd show to get a few quid and some publicity. They are a grafting band and we respect that. What was equally as good was actually being approached for the gig and not chasing it. We think that’s a very positive thing and shows that, hopefully, we are doing something right as well.”

The gig will see From the Jam play the 1980 album ‘Sound Affects’ in its entirety. The Jam’s fifth album, it spawned huge hits such as ‘Start’ and ‘That’s Entertainment.’ Hear those iconic songs played alongside a selection of classic hits and album tracks at Darlington’s The Green Room on 21st October 2015.

From the Jam’s Sound Affects tour also calls into O2 Academy, Newcastle on 7th November (at the time of publication the support for that gig is unknown).

Russell Poad

Russell Poad

I am 50 years old and live in Newcastle.

I started NE:MM as a magazine back in August 2013 and took it online in March 2014. I have always had a passion for music, and a desire to help popularise music of the type I loved. That led me to promote as 'The Outsider' and 'Common People' until recently and who knows, the promoter bug may bite again soon. As I age I find my own tastes developing and so my enthusiasm now extends to classical, jazz/funk and metal, whereas it used to sit squarely in the pop/indie/folk box. I hope it's infectious and through the efforts of the many volunteer contributors to NE:MM I hope it helps you find new music that you can feel passionate about too.
Russell Poad

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