Song Premiere – Bury Your Love – What We Call Progress


Exclusive first listen to Bury Your Love by What We Call Progress

The track will only be available to listen to for three days – thereafter you’ll have to wait til release on 16th January 2017.


What We Call Progress
John Pattison: Vocals/Guitar
David Young: Ableton Push/Laptop/iPad


Bury Your Love – available from 16th January 2017


John Pattison

Bury Your Love starts with rhubarb. No, really. The high-pitched pops that make up the initial beat are samples of the sound of forced rhubarb, which is what happens when rhubarb plants are moved from open fields into dark sheds to encourage them to grow. Growth in darkness/burying love anyone? No? Anyway, the noise they make just sounded like a cool little sample to try to build percussion from and it went from there.

The main riff is a happy accident, the result of Dave’s mini synth triggering recorded guitar harmonics at the same time as playing a bass note. The lyrics, well… they’re pretty personal. I’m going to keep their meaning to myself for now. As the title suggests, I’ve been in some pretty dark places emotionally over the past year. You can make up your own mind on the rest.

We’ll have a video coming soon after, shot in one of our favourite local landmarks – Manors Car Park in Newcastle. David and I both love the utopian and visionary ideals encapsulated by the Brutalist architecture movement. I long for the days when something as functional as a car park was a sculptural statement with presence and meaning, rather than just a container. Manors Car Park, and the way it interacts with its surrounding environment, is a particularly potent space and for us seems to hold equal parts beauty and threat which seemed appropriate for this song. The video also features me running away from some unseen assailant; I’m hoping people don’t take that part too seriously!

We haven’t got a single release gig planned – we’re saving that for our second EP – but we’re throwing around the idea of a Facebook live performance. We’ll see. Also, our friend Simeon Soden (ako) is doing a remix of the single. We’re really looking forward to hearing what he does with it.

After this release we’ll be finishing the aforementioned second EP off. We feel like we were finding our feet with the first one, both in terms of songwriting and production, so this one should represent where we’re at musically a bit better. We’ve also been pretty political lyrically up ’til now, but it looks like this EP, like the lead track you’re premiering, is going to be more personal content-wise. A bit of a catharsis.



You and I shamed the fairytale love
You and I shunned the mermaid song
But these ghosts
And little ones
We are not made of coins or bricks

So don’t you say a word;
Bury your love

A difficult footnote in your book
A line you wish you never wrote
Between words
Hearts make homes
So build your house on brittle sticks

And don’t you say a word;
Bury your love





Russell Poad

Russell Poad

I am 50 years old and live in Newcastle.

I started NE:MM as a magazine back in August 2013 and took it online in March 2014. I have always had a passion for music, and a desire to help popularise music of the type I loved. That led me to promote as 'The Outsider' and 'Common People' until recently and who knows, the promoter bug may bite again soon. As I age I find my own tastes developing and so my enthusiasm now extends to classical, jazz/funk and metal, whereas it used to sit squarely in the pop/indie/folk box. I hope it's infectious and through the efforts of the many volunteer contributors to NE:MM I hope it helps you find new music that you can feel passionate about too.
Russell Poad

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