PREVIEW: Soweto Kinch – Hoochie Coochie Newcastle – 25-9-15


Soweto Kinch is a multi-award-winning saxophonist, MC, composer, spoken word performer, and one of the most exciting original jazz and hip hop artists…anywhere in the world.

Revered among both musicians, such as his childhood mentors and inspiration Wynton Marsalis and Courtney Pine, and rappers such as Mos Def, he has amassed quite a stunning collection of glittering prizes. Deep breath. Two MOBO awards, two Urban Music Awards, BBC Rising Star Award, BBC Best Jazz Instrumentalist, BBC Best Jazz Band, Montreux Jazz Festival Award, Peter Whittingham Award for Jazz innovation, Winner of the White Foundation World Sax competition and a Mercury Award nominee.

He was given a saxophone at the age of nine and with a History degree from Oxford University, there’s much more to this fella than jazz and hip-hop. His 2013 album ‘The Legend of Mike Smith’ for instance, was a multi-platform project combining jazz, hip-hop, dance and visual arts, was based on The Seven Deadly Sins, updated for modern urban culture.

With an interest in the history of music and black culture Soweto has featured in the BBC4’s Jazz Britannia series, and wrote and narrated a documentary on the history of the saxophone ‘The Devil’s Horn’ for BBCRadio 4.

It all sounds a bit hi-brow I know, but trust me, this will be one of the finest shows you will see all year. This is Soweto’s second gig in as many years at Hoochie Coochie. I first saw him here back in 2013 and was astounded by his versatility as an alto-saxophonist and by his skill and verbal dexterity as an MC and rap/hip-hop artist. You will no doubt be asked to select a subject for him to rap about, and even the most random of choices cannot phase him.

Hoochie Coochie has seen a fair share of American hip-hop artists in the recent past, Chali2na, Jungle Brothers, Sugar Hill Gang, but here we have a young British guy hailing from Birmingham sharing his own contemporary stylings and showing them how it’s done in the 21st Century.

Soweto seamlessly fuses the worlds of hip-hop, jazz and popular culture together.

“Mr Kinch demonstrates what England has to teach (USA) about narrative hip-hop. Don’t sleep on Mr Kinch”… The New York Times

I can’t wait.

Les Aitch

Les Aitch

Passionate about quality funk soul and jazz , with an emphasis on those from the North East. Writing for NE:MM since 2014 and will tell it like it is. Currently enjoying the pleasures and frustrations of managing THE seven piece Newcastle based funk band - King Bee.
Les Aitch

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