Robert Cray

In the hope of winning the Robert Cray tickets I thought I would start a conversation.

I love Robert Cray and have seen him before but would question that Hall 1 of the Sage is the right venue to hear blues music being played.

I know the sound quality will be fantastic but always preferred blues music in a bit of a darker venue. Hall 1 is a little bit too ‘clean’ in my opinion.

Blues in Hall 2 works, as it does in The Tyne Theatre and The Cluny.

I saw Taj Mahal in Hall 1 and although good a 3 piece blues band just looked lost on the huge stage. I have seen Dr John on a number of occasions and his better gigs were at The Tyne Theatre.

Maybe if I win the tickets my opinion might be changed with regard to blues in Hall 1…

What does everybody think?

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1 year 8 months ago

Sadly I wouldn’t be able to go to the gig so I comment not as a competition entrant but as a fan of Sage Hall 1. I suppose it’s true that some music might sound more authentic in a setting considered more appropriate but the acoustics in Hall 1 are the best I’ve ever heard and whilst the ambience may not suit a blues gig entirely I think the purity of sound will compensate for that. It would be amazing to see Cray in a smoky New Orleans bar, but if he’s playing the North East I for one would take Sage Hall 1 as my venue of choice in which to see him.

1 year 8 months ago

Agree with andyb – Hall 1 is sterile, doesn’t suit this kind of music at all. Cluny would be better.

1 year 8 months ago

Have seen Robert Cray before at The Tyne Theatre (I remember seeing you there that night AndyB!), a venue much better suited for a Blues band IMO than Sage Hall 1.


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