Penetration are back!


I’m a lady of a certain age (perennial 21 let’s say) and recall when local punks Penetration were first on the scene. I’m excited but also a little bit anxious to hear that a new album is coming after 36 long years. I hope they don’t ruin the legacy.

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1 year 8 months ago

Susu – having seen them live way back when & many, many times since they started gigging again in 2001 I can assure you the legacy isn’t being ruined. The new album (Resolution) will only enhance it! It’s a superb album with that classic Penetration sound.

1 year 8 months ago

Great band and from what I’m hearing the album is not gonna disappoint. Good interview on here too. Agree about John Peel – he hopped the bandwagon and took over the driver’s wheel. Credit for seeing it through and ultimately for giving bands a platform, but isn’t that what DJs are paid for. No one calls me a hero for doing my job, and I’m not as well paid as a Radio 1 DJ either.


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