Lemmy wants to know: What was your first gig?


So it’s confession time. As this site spends a lot of time reviewing gigs I thought I’d start a conversation about that rite of passage that is your first gig.

So here goes, it was 1980, and I was 15 and it was at The Mayfair in Newcastle and the band was Motorhead.

The band were playing the second night of 2 sell out nights at the Mayfair and maybe at the peak of their career (Ace of Spades was riding high in the charts) and I was terrified that I wouldn’t get in as the venue had an over 18’s policy and some school mates had been turned away the night before.

I managed to get in without much bother, and bought my tour t-shirt (seemed like a badge of honour in those days)

I remember very little other than it was VERY VERY loud but I guess it must have had an effect on me as 35 years later I still go to about 30 gigs a year. So although my musical tastes have eased a bit I must thank Lemmy, Fast Eddie Clarke and Philthy Animal Taylor for my introduction to live music I’ve never looked back.

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1 year 8 months ago

13th April 1980 – BA (Bang Bang/Knocked It Off) Robertson – very embarrassing. Wish my second – 27th October 1980 – The Jam – had been my first. That’s one I’d be proud to mention (so have!). I saw the jam a few times and once with The Vapours in support, but not sure of that was 1980. Also saw Hazel O’Connor supported by Duran Duran that year. She was good, they were shocking and were booed off.

1 year 8 months ago

Believe mine was ‘The Australian Doors’ maybe 1990 at Royal Court Liverpool. Tribute band though, so maybe a bit of a cheat.

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1 year 8 months ago

I believe it was Lamb. Fear of God tour. Embarrasses me somewhat as it indicates how late in the game I was to frequenting gigs. A great gig though which also sported my first sighting of the Darth Maul biscuit jar which I later acquired.

1 year 6 months ago

My first gig was a toss up between Motorhead with Girlschool supporting or Eddie and the Hot Rods, both gigs at Newcastle City Hall in the late 70’s. I chose the wrong one by going to see Eddie and the Hot Rods but made up for it later by being at both Motorhead gigs at the Mayfair on the Ace of Spades tour and then Motorhead again for the three consecutive nights that made up the Leeds and Newcastle meet. I’ve been going to stupid amounts of gigs ever since…


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