People ask us what does NE:MM stand for?

NE:MM stands for shining a spotlight into all corners of the musical landscape. In apa itu binomo dan cara kerjanya geographical terms we’re mainly concerned with the North East of England but in terms of musical genre we have no boundaries; nothing is off the agenda.

NE:MM stands for community involvement. We actively seek the involvement of young and old, the experienced and the newcomer, male and female. If you are a writer or photographer, or if you aspire to be, then get involved with us. If you are just a lover of music then engage with us and together we can broaden our horizons.

Oh, you meant what do the initials N E M and M stand for?

That’s not important.


It’s all about music.

We’ll tell you about the great concerts that are coming up.

We’ll speak to the artists on your behalf and ask them interesting questions because only then will you get interesting answers.

We’ll tell you about the great gigs that have happened, we’ll show you too.

We will be fair and honest in our judgements so that when we suggest that something is worth seeing or listening to, you can trust us.


We don’t do this in isolation.

We need readers, but… we also wish to hear YOUR voice.

Engage with us – comment and respond to our articles.

Have your own say on what’s important to YOU via our Community.

Join us as a member and share in the fruits of our relationships with artists, labels and venues.

However you decide to engage with us, just do it.


Music is priceless, yet so often undervalued.

We treasure the gifts bestowed upon us by our friends in the music industry.

In this section we share our good fortune with our friends and members.


We’re a sociable bunch at NE:MM and we’ve made it easy for you to get in touch with us via the following links.

If you prefer the old fashioned way, you can write using the details on our Contact page.

We would genuinely love to hear from you.

©2017 NE:MM

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